Conexant's new HD Audio CODEC sports integrated AudioSmart Class-D amplifier -

Conexant’s new HD Audio CODEC sports integrated AudioSmart Class-D amplifier

The CX20952 from Conexant Systems Inc. is a new HD Audio CODEC that enables high quality audio on computers and tablets with low power consumption, two cap-free headphone amplifiers, and a fully-integrated Class-D amplifier.  Part of Conexant’s AudioSmart family, the new CX20952 is a single-chip solution that monitors power delivered to speakers, ensuring maximum sound pressure level (SPL) and optimal performance without damage to system components.

Conexant’s fully-integrated CX20952 enables a smaller motherboard footprint and lower bill of materials (BOM) cost for applications that do not require the high output power of a large, discrete device. The new SoC is designed to meet consumer demand for high quality audio that pushes the limits of sound in tablets and compact PCs. 

With two cap-free HP/Line outputs and a universal jack that automatically detects and configures itself to support CTIA (Apple) or OMTP (Nokia) style headsets, the CX20952 delivers the following key features required for low-power, small form factor devices:

  • Support for multiple peripheral types (headphones, headsets, powered speakers, microphones and line-in devices) with a single 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Support for an additional direct-drive headphone output on a docking station or second jack panel.
  • Loud, clear audio playback from small speakers in space-limited enclosures (typical of today’s compact industrial designs).

Additional features include:

  • Stereo AudioSmart Class-D Speaker Amplifier for intelligent delivery of up to 2.8W per channel
  • Integrated Hardware EQ/DRC  with SpeakerShield Class-D protection
  • Mono Output with tunable hardware LPF/BPF for subwoofer applications
  • Up to four digital microphones supporting advanced configurations for tablets, convertibles, clamshells and AIOs
  • Analog PC BEEP, EAPD and GPIOs
  • I2C interface allowing real-time software control of auxiliary devices
  • D3 Live supporting pass-through audio playback to Class-D with active EQ/DRC while system is asleep

Computex 2014 attendees are encouraged to stop by Conexant’s suite at Pacific Business Center PBC Hotel, Meeting Room D during the show to get a first-hand look at the new audio CODEC in action. 

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