Conference to provide RoHS update -

Conference to provide RoHS update


LONDON — AFDEC and Intellect are combining to jointly host a conference to provide an update on the practical implementation of RoHS compliance for the U.K. electronics industry.

The day-long event will take place on 16 February 2006 at the Marriott Hotel, Langley and will be followed by the regular AFDEC dinner at which Martin Kent, Chief Executive of the Abacus Group, will provide a keynote speech.

The conference will be moderated by Gary Nevison Head of Product Market Strategy at Premier Farnell Europe and Asia Pacific who is on the AFDEC Council and is also the elected Chairperson for its dedicated RoHS Team.

In the first presentation Dr. Paul Goodman, Senior Materials Consultant in the Reliability and Failure Analysis Group at ERA Technology will cover two issues that relate to the RoHS directive. Goodman believes that the approach to compliance must be robust so that producers can convince enforcement authorities that they are taking all reasonable steps to comply. He will describe a risk based approach that is simple, straightforward and should ensure that restricted substances are not used in products. Currently, categories 8 and 9 are excluded from the scope of RoHS. ERA is carrying out a review for the European Commission of these categories for possible future inclusion within the legislation. The scope of the legislation, technical issues and the need for exemptions will all be discussed.

Chris Smith, Technical Manager, National Weights and Measures Laboratory who will be working closely with UK Industry towards demonstrating UK compliance with RoHS12:00 will describe NWML's role in helping industry comply, whilst demonstrating U.K. compliance with RoHS and at the end of the day, enforcing the legislation fairly. New information relating to how RoHS will be enforced on a pan-European basis will also be discussed.

Steven Webb, Company Secretary and Legal Counsel at Premier Farnell, will provide a legal opinion on due diligence. The U.K. regulations implementing the RoHS Directive include a 'due diligence' defence. The regulations refer to 'taking all reasonable steps and exercising all due diligence', but give no further guidance on what will be required to rely on this defence if a producer puts non-RoHS compliant products on the market after July 2006. Webb's presentation will describe what guidance can be taken from other legislation and court decisions to help determine what steps will be needed to show the necessary standards of due diligence. He will also describe some of the lessons learned about risks in the supply chain that have been uncovered by Farnell InOne's approach to RoHS compliance.

Carl Krüger, Technical & Environmental Director of Strateco Limited will then tackle how businesses can optimise their response to the forthcoming WEEE directive. After a panel discussion Professor Martin Goosey, Chief Scientist, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials Europe Ltd will provide concluding observations. A small table top exhibition is planned with information available from leading organisations.

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