Configurable Linux for Tensilica core -

Configurable Linux for Tensilica core


MontaVista Software's Linux Professional Edition is now available for use with Tensilica's Xtensa microprocessor architecture. Xtensa is the first configurable processor core to seamlessly interoperate and run with MontaVista Software's Linux operating system (OS) and development environment.

The companies worked together to automate the tailoring of Linux to take advantage of configuration and extension options available with the Xtensa processor.

Customers start with a version of MontaVista Linux configured for the base version of the Xtensa architecture. As modifications or extensions are made to the base processor, the Xtensa OSKit for MontaVista Linux is automatically generated. The OSKit allows the base version of MontaVista Linux to be automatically updated to add host and target awareness for unique customer extensions.

Published in Embedded Systems Europe June 2003

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