Connecting engineers with free stuff -

Connecting engineers with free stuff

Connecting engineers with free stuff. Sort of.

That's the tagline for this new blog on loot for the embedded systems engineer: Connecting engineers with free stuff. Even though your spouse tells you to stop bringing home the hi-tech junk, our goal here is to keep your habit going. Here's a listing of upcoming and current freebies, giveaways, and contests being held by embedded systems tool vendors, associations, and conferences.

Terminology: The swag is the loot you can win, the catch is what you have to do to compete for the swag. (Obviously some of these listings are part of marketing campaigns, so avert your eyes if you are allergic to marketing ploys.)

Collecting stamps for fun and profit
Open to all attendees (including expo only attendees), the DesignTOUR 2013 giveaway program at DesignCon Expo has prizes on both expo days (January 29 and 30, 2013). Prizes are subject to change without notice.

The swag:
· American Express Gift Card for $100
· American Express Gift Card for $200
· New 32GB Portable Media Player w/ 4″ Screen & Retina Display
· Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones – Solo
· Kindle Paperwhite 3G
· New 32GB Mini Tablet Computer w/ 7.9″ Display
· All Access Pass to DESIGN West 2013 (a $2,300 value)
· Windows Surface Tablet

The catch: visit sponsors' booths to collect stickers, drop be-stickered card in the drawing box. Stay till 5 pm drawing. Basically you're spending some quick quality time at a vendor's booth you probably would have visited anyway.

When: January 29 and 30, 2013.

Rules are here .

A tagline for MirrorLink
The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) is looking for a few good taglines and wants your help. The tagline is specifically for MirrorLink, their car-connectivity standard for built-in smartphone controls usually found in the steering wheel or the dashboard. A tagline, if you aren't savvy to the marketing speak, is that little happy phrase that every corporation seems to need near their logo (such as McDonald's “I'm lovin' it” or “Connecting engineers with free stuff.”)

The swag: Three winners receive MirrorLink-enabled Sony XAV 601BT or 701HD car radios paired with Nokia's hot E7 smartphone.

The catch: You have to think of a tagline and email it to after you “like” the CCC of Facebook and review a “brief set of MirrorLink key messages.”

Starts: now
Ends: Monday December, 17.

Contest rules are here .

Energy-harvesting anyone?
Is anyone interested in a contest for energy-harvesting wireless technology? EnOcean sent me its ESK 300C energy harvesting starter kit. It's sitting here on my desk. What would make a good challenge? Comment below on your ideas and I'll send the kit to the person with the most intriguing idea.

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  1. Ah, I guess I missed most of these deadlines!

    The energy harvester sounds pretty awesome though. I recently put together a set of sensors to mount to my dorm room door to log all motion to a web server (readable via iPhone app). My roommate and I like to

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