Connector family expands with addition of four-row female connector -

Connector family expands with addition of four-row female connector

To accommodate the diverse range of applications for board-to-board connections, Erni has supplemented its high-speed ERmet ZD line to include a vertical version with a four-row female connector.

The vertical ERmet ZD connectors, with two, three, and four contact rows, expand the current portfolio of right-angle female and vertical male ERmet ZD connectors. High-speed connectors from the ERmet ZD series enable reliable transmission of fast signals, high contact density, and support of various industry standards, such as PICMG 2.20, PICMG 3.0 (ACTA), or PICMG EXP.0.

The latest connector, with 40 differential signal pairs, is currently available with an assembly height of 15 mm. Heights of 12 and 22 mm will be available shortly.

The ERmet ZD connector is available with “pressfit” technology (with an “eye-of-the-needle” zone). As with current right-angle versions, the ERmet ZD female connector also features alignment guides on the housing. These guides in combination with the L-shaped shield blades on the male connector ensure robust mating, and provide solid protection against damage. Comprehensive simulations confirm reliable transmission of signals at data rates up to 6.25 Gbits/s. Further information is available at

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