Consortium assembled for E-passport trial -

Consortium assembled for E-passport trial


London, UK — SchlumbergerSema has been selected by the UK Passport Service to lead its six-month trial of biometric technology during which 10,000 individuals will be enrolled and receive personalised demonstration smart cards carrying both printed and electronic information.

The trial will run for six months from January to June 2004 and the consortium of technology vendors is led by SchlumbergerSema as prime contractor, and includes NEC, Identix, Iridian Technologies while the survey research component of the project will be undertaken by MORI.

SchlumbergerSema will design, build and maintain the pilot equipment and software while NEC will be supplying its Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), and Identix (Minnetonka, Minn) will provide the fingerprint capture and facial matching technology. The iris recognition technology is supplied by Iridian Technologies of Morestown, NJ.

The pilot will test iris pattern and fingerprint biometrics enrolment and verification. The pilot will also test collection and verification of a facial recognition biometric.

SchlumbergerSema participated in a small-scale demonstrator conducted last year at the London Passport Office, Knightsbridge Post Office and other locations.

NEC has been involved in a number of high profile security installations, such as the Singapore Immigration Authority project, which covered the country's three principal entry points by land and air. The NEC solution in Singapore blended advanced smart card technology fingerprint matching system. Since launching in 2001, it is said to have improved speed of access for visitors whilst heightening security for the authorities.

Carl Gohringer of NEC Security Solutions, said, “From NEC's worldwide experience, we've witnessed the dramatic impact that biometrics have on improving access to public services for citizens, and enabling police and immigration authorities to provide a safer environment.”

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