Consortium set up by European photonics industry leaders -

Consortium set up by European photonics industry leaders

London, UK — Five European companies that are major players in the photonics market have set up EPIC, the European Photonics Industry Consortium.

Dr. Bernd Schulte, president of the organisation, said, “EPIC is seeking 75 to 100 members from companies and institutions that are highly committed to the success of photonics products that are conceived in Europe, and sold all over the world.”

It aims to build sustainable growth for European optoelectronics industries by bringing together the three important sectors of the photonics industry: manufacturers of fabrication equipment, components manufacturers and users of photonics components and systems.

EPIC was developed by the OPTIMIST coordinating programme of the IST-5th framework research programme of the European Commission and includes AIXTRON, Cambridge Display Technology, OSRAM Opto-Semiconductors, Philips Lighting, and SAGEM.

The consortium will develop and maintain the technology roadmap for photonics technologies that are critical for the development of European industries. This roadmap will be a basis for its discussions with European Commission in order to design research and development programmes.

EPIC is owned and operated by its members and membership is open to companies, research institutions, universities, and financial institutions that have operations in the European economic area, including the countries of the European Community, the candidate countries, as well as all non-member European states.

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