Consultancy provides tailored RoHS/WEEE help -

Consultancy provides tailored RoHS/WEEE help

LONDON — Europartners, which provides consultancy to European electronics companies, is setting up a range of services geared toward assisting European clients to achieve essential RoHS/WEEE compliance.

Operating in partnership with Enventure Technologies, a U.S. based business services company with facilities in India, Europartners is aimimg to help client companies meet their RoHS/WEEE objectives with minimum disruption to day-to-day business.

Aubrey Dunford, Europartners MD, said, “A typical contract would involve the provision of manpower to research the client’s own ‘Bill of Materials’, quotations and/or components databases and the expertise necessary to sift the data and combine it with material declarations and manufacturer’s certificates of compliance. The final stage is the compilation and presentation of the necessary reports”.

According to Dunford, “Few companies are able to readily access the data required to demonstrate that they are taking the 'reasonable steps' required for full compliance, and material declaration formats and detail differ from one company to another. Ongoing changes in the regulations pertaining to specific exemptions are yet another headache'.

Although a range of standard service packages are offered for RoHS/WEEE compliance, Europartners and Enventure recognise that no two clients have the same requirements. “Our services are highly customisable to meet the client’s specific requirements. We only offer a proposal once a full assessment of a client’s individual needs is complete”, added Dunford.

One long-debated WEEE issue has been how to cover the cost of recycling. The most popular option is a 'visible fee', which is an additional cost tacked onto the price of the product to cover the cost of recycling. This fee will typically be displayed on a product's price tag.

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