Consultancy services provides environmental impact advice -

Consultancy services provides environmental impact advice


LONDON — Design consultancy, Plextek, has launched a range of consulting activities to cover environmental advice and evaluation of technology options that both benefit the environment and make sense economically.

Plextek (Cambridge, England) operates across the telecoms, automotive, medical and defence sectors supplying a range of its own security products as well as providing an outsourced resource of experienced, multidisciplinary engineering skills to organisations that require electronics design projects.

Plextek's experience of energy saving communications solutions includes smart utility metering and street light control/monitoring systems using its proprietary UNB low power, long range radio technology.

Dr Graham Maile, Director of Strategic Consulting at Plextek said, “Plextek’s consultancy services help clients to evaluate the many specific issues that arise within the context of their business such as: How do I choose between technologies in order to save costs and minimise the carbon footprint of my products and services? What is the best architecture for my network, taking costs and the environment into account? What should my technology migration strategy be from an optimum whole-lifecycle perspective? Are there business opportunities for my company arising from the application of communications systems and services to actively mitigate negative environmental impacts?”

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