Consumer designs set to drive MEMS adoption -

Consumer designs set to drive MEMS adoption


LONDON — The MEMS markets are set to grow from $5.1billion to $9.7billion from 2005 to 2010, an annual growth rate close to 15 percent, according to the latest report from Yole Développement.

Status of the MEMS industry describes the evolution of the MEMS industry, the business models, and possible future developments.

“Due to the strong growth of the consumer applications, especially in the mobile phone industry, the growth rate is lower than the previous years in term of revenue; the unit growth will be much higher, close to 20 percent, ” said Jean Christophe Eloy, general manager of Yole Développement (Lyon, France).

The report illustrates that the shift from industrial applications consumer applications is driving the MEMS market with increasing numbers of semiconductor companies becoming involved in MEMS manufacturing with all the top 50 semiconductor companies being involved in MEMS manufacturing or development.

New strategies are emerging with product introduction targeting module approach instead of sensor delivery in order to provide more added-value and avoid price erosion.

For the first time, Yole Développement is analyzing the 20 most innovative companies and start-up involved in MEMS design and manufacturing, providing trends for the future growth of MEMS markets including trends in units, revenues, market shares, business trends and who is doing what in the top five companies per applications.

Future innovative developments are described including silicon based micro motor for consumer applications, energy harvesting systems using MEMS as building blocks, integrated two axis gyroscopes and liquid lenses for consumer applications, portable projection modules, MEMS based memory, microfuell cells, automated distribution frames using MEMS as technology replacement, fluidic systems, and MEMS displays.

The report identifies the new players and products and analyses the equipment and materials markets for MEMS manufacturing while looking at recent mergers and acquisitions and forecasting what could happen in the next 18 months.

The report gives a detailed analysis of the different companies involved in MEMS business: IC manufacturers, fabless companies, foundries, contract manufacturers, system companies with integrated fabs.

There is a special focus on Indian and Chinese MEMS activities, highlighting the new manufacturing facilities and design centers established in these countries.

Global MEMS Market 2005 -2010Silicon and quartz based devices

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