Consumer Electronics Show News: Week of Jan. 6–10, 2014 -

Consumer Electronics Show News: Week of Jan. 6–10, 2014

Collected here are my Editor’s Top Picks of Embedded industry product and technology news stories at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show:

VoIP-enhanced fax modem chips make multifunction printers smarter
Conexant Systems Inc. has announced a new family of low-power, VoIP-enhanced fax modem chips: the CX95710, a data pump solution, and CX95810, an AT command device.

CEVA releases architecture enhancements for the CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP
CEVA, Inc. has announced the CEVA-TeakLite-4 v2 DSP architecture with new power optimization features to the instruction set architecture (ISA) and power scaling unit (PSU).

ST's STi8K architecture empowers 64-bit computing for the Digital Home
Based on the latest ARMv8-A cores, STi8K SoCs will further enhance the available Cannes/STiH3 (FHD/UHD HEVC Client-Box), Monaco/STiH4 (FHD/UHD HEVC Server/Gateways), and Alicante/STiD12 (DOCSIS) product families.

 Imagination's PowerVR Series6 IP cores target mobile and consumer segments
Imagination Technologies has a new line-up of PowerVR Series6XE Rogue graphics processing (GPU) IP cores targeting cost-sensitive, mass-market applications.

CES 2014: Qualcomm has plans for Snapdragon in autos
Targeting auto infotainment, Qualcomm is integrating dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) technology into its Snapdragon in-vehicle platform.

Nvidia debuts Tegra K1 mobile gaming superchip at CES
The 192-core mobile processor family is to be released in the second half of the year in two forms, a 32-bit Kepler-based version and a 64-bit dual Denver CPU version.

CES 2014: Freescale’s take on wearable IoTs
The wearable device market is still uncharted territory with everyone scrambling for a winning formula and a definition of wearable devices.

Intel has plans for Quark CPU in wearable devices
At 2014 CES Intel CEO Brian Krzanich outlined plans for a next generation of smart, wearable devices powered by its Edison Quark-based computer in a SD card form factor.

HP’s WebOS: a second chance in LG’s Smart TV?  
The WebOS mobile OS originally developed by Palm, later acquired by HP is getting a second chance as the operating system at the core of LG Electronics Smart TV platform.

CES: Conexant's new voice input processor for smart TVs
Conexant Systems Inc. has introduced the next generation of its high-performance far-field voice input processor SoC designed for Smart TVs – the CX2092x.

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