Contactless memory powers Korea's first NFC fridge -

Contactless memory powers Korea’s first NFC fridge


STMicroelectronics' NFC / RFID-enabled memory device has been integrated in Classe Cube, the latest refrigerator from Dongbu Daewoo Electronics. The recently launched Classe Cube offers a variety of innovative services to consumers as “Korea’s first NFC fridge.”

Classe Cube enables ‘smart’ use of a refrigerator by providing information on its current state or its users' habits that is communicated between the fridge and an NFC-enabled smartphone. This communication is made possible by ST’s M24LR dynamic NFC / RFID tag, which stores sensor data from the fridge and provides the information to a smartphone. Users can easily access all the information through the Classe Smart app on their mobile device, enabling more efficient use of the fridge based on the users’ living habits and plans. Classe Cube alerts the user to its door being left open, reports on the temperature in different sections of the fridge, and provides a new level of maintenance service, including the direct submission of after-sales service requests and remote diagnostics.

Making this possible is ST’s M24LR dynamic NFC / RFID tag that provides interactive NFC connectivity in an affordable and easy-to-use device, enabling highly innovative designs. The memory device combines an I2C serial memory, available in several densities, and an NFC / RFID communication interface (ISO 15693) that converts radio waves emitted by RFID reader-writers and NFC-enabled phones or tablets into energy to power its circuits and in some cases even to enable complete battery-free operation. The unique series of devices enable the creation and integration of energy-autonomous data collection, asset tracking diagnostics capabilities, and in-field updates in a wide variety of applications, including phone and tablet accessories, computer peripherals, electronic shelf labels, home appliances, industrial automation, sensing and monitoring systems, and personal healthcare products.

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  1. This brings closer the dream of having a fridge do automatic purchase of food that's running out.
    Can the memory in this chip be written by using the power drawn from the remote NFC device?

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