Contax to supply Sysmelec assembly products -

Contax to supply Sysmelec assembly products

LONDON — Production system supplier, Contax, has signed an exclusive agreement with high precision automated assembly supplier, Sysmelec SA to distribute its products throughout the UK and Ireland. Sysmelec (GALS, Switzerland) manufactures both customised and standard robotic equipment for assembly processes. These are suitable for use in the instrument, equipment, watch, medical, automotive and telecoms industries. The Company offers two main product lines: machines to assemble and bond miniaturised devices, microsystems and optoelectronic components (MEMS and MOEMS) which offer assembly precision in the +/- 1 micron range, and a range of systems for microtechnical assembly. This covers a wide span of applications including: high precision assembly with optional permanent vision control; laser welding of delicate and/or small components; glue/resin dispensing and on-site polymerisation; and placement of inserts for overmoulding. Jean-Claude Prélaz, General Manager at Sysmelec SA, said, “Our systems are geared towards to the most demanding applications, so we needed a supplier that has an in-depth understanding of production processes. Contax has the right consultancy approach and highly skilled personnel that can appreciate the scope and complexities of our products. We are very pleased to have formed this alliance with Contax, and look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship”. Jan O’Connor, Contax Managing Director, added, “Our new relationship with Sysmelec extends our assembly offerings and allows us to move into hybrid systems. Sysmelec fills a gap in the upper end of the market for solutions that can provide the highest level of accuracy. Furthermore, they can even be tailored to the customer’s precise requirements.”

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