Contract extensions to bring in £21million for e2v -

Contract extensions to bring in £21million for e2v


LONDON — Two new contracts with existing OEM customers of e2v (Chelmsford, U.K.) for products from its electronic tubes product group for use within radiotherapy cancer treatment systems are set to bring in £21million.

The products generate and deliver the levels of microwave power required to drive the linear accelerator within radiotherapy systems, which convert the microwave power to X-rays used both in the imaging and radiation treatment of tumours.

The largest of the contracts, worth £17million , and with delivery over a 3 year period, is to supply Elekta, which is headquartered in Sweden with manufacturing facilities in the U.K. and China.

The second contract, worth $7million (£4million) , is with TomoTherapy (Wisconsin, U.S.) with delivery is scheduled over a 12 month period.

The contract comprises a number of e2v compact modulators and magnetrons, which are used in TomoTherapy’s Hi-Art radiation therapy System. The e2v components should broaden TomoTherapy’s patient reach, enabling them to provide radiotherapy treatment to more cancer patients than is presently possible.

The e2v system generates the prime energy for the Hi-Art’s accelerator, which delivers the X-rays used in the imaging and treatment of tumours. Combined with a magnetron, electro-magnet and a microwave launching section, e2v supplies complete RF power systems to TomoTherapy that are capable of delivering the required 3MW of peak microwave power to the Hi-Art System.

In December e2v technologies announced it had signed three key contracts worth a total of £10.7million for the supply of sensors and electronic tubes.

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