Article submission guidelines -

Article submission guidelines

Note: If you’re wondering what kind of articles we publish, please go to our Editorial Contributions Guide page. If you have an article that you’re ready to submit to us, read on!

We always look for great articles to publish, but to do so, we need a few logistical items addressed. Please read through the list below carefully and make sure that you’ve taken care of each one. We won’t be able to publish until all of these logistical requirements are satisfied. At this point in the process, you should already be working with an editor, but if not, you can forward any additional questions to Nitin Dahad or Stephen Evanczuk (see our contact us page).

Submission logistics :

    • Original contribution. Any contributed article must not have already been published elsewhere. The same content posted on multiple sites is considered spam by search engines and is ultimately counterproductive for all involved.
    • Doc file. We prefer receiving a Word doc.
      • If the article includes external links, go ahead and use Word’s embedded link feature or place the link inline within square brackets immediately following the link anchor text.
      • Please do not use Word advanced formatting features such as auto-numbering, WordArt, Equation, or the like. These features do not survive import into our publishing tools (and worse, they’re simply deleted so it’s difficult to tell that they’ve been dropped).
    • Length. Technical feature articles tend to run ~2000 words, while guest blogs tend to run ~800-1200 words. Those are not hard-and-fast rules: We let the content dictate the length. If an article is very long, we might split it into a series of articles. If it’s too short, we might question whether the article provides sufficient detail.
    • Figures and captions. We suggest including one for every 500-800 words or so if appropriate. Please note the following treatment:
      • In the copy, please include accompanying captions (one short sentence) at the desired location of the image in the article.
      • For the caption, please be sure to include the source of the image.
      • A typical caption has the form: Figure 1. Engineers really like this figure. (Source: XYZ Corp.) 
      • A corresponding reference to the figure or table needs to appear in the copy itself.
      • Please note that this same treatment applies to tables that are included as image files.
    • Graphics files. Please send figures/tables in separate files (png preferred but most formats are acceptable)
      • Please embed figures/thumbnails in the Word file to show position
      • Please also send full-size graphics in separate files.
      • Images should be at least 500px in width (with vertical dimensions as needed to maintain the aspect ratio), but figures with small features should be at least 1000px or as large as necessary to allow comfortable reading. For large images, we might run a reduced-size version in the article itself but we’ll provide a link to allow readers to view that larger version of the image.
    • Author information. For each author, please send the following information for inclusion at the end of the article:
      1. Full author name
      2. Brief biography (2-3 sentences preferred).
      3. Head shot of author (png preferred but any format is fine).

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your editor.

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