Contrinex: cloud-ready smart sensors and safety light curtains with Bluetooth interface -

Contrinex: cloud-ready smart sensors and safety light curtains with Bluetooth interface

IO-Link SSP 3.3 and Bluetooth BLE are widely accepted as industry standards for data exchange with the sensor level. At this year's SPS, Contrinex presents several new series of compatible devices. While the focus is on data, highlights also include ceramic-coated inductive sensors for use in welding cells.

Contrinex's new cloud-ready smart sensors are perfect for live data monitoring from the heart of an application. By simply configuring an IO-Link parameter, users can output and display sensor data in real time. A selection of predictive maintenance features is also available. Setup is easy, since all data structures are compatible with the Smart Sensor Profile IO-Link SSP 3.3. In SIO mode, these inductive sensors also redefine the benchmark for binary use. By setting one of the IO pins as the input, other signal sources can trigger teach-in of the Smart Sensor, synchronization with other sensors, histogram data logging and basic AND/OR operations. The sensors will be available in 2020.

The new YBES light curtains include a Bluetooth-BLE interface. It enables wireless remote configuration and the provision of real-time status or diagnostic data via a smartphone. While providing more functionality (EDM, Restart Interlock, beam coding etc.) and ease of use, installation costs can also be reduced as safety relays are not needed. YBES light curtains are suitable for the highest Type 4 safety requirements of Category 4, PL e and Safety Integrity Level SIL 3. They offer blind zone-free installation and an integrated alignment system.

The portfolio of RFID read/write modules with IO-Link interface V1.1 now includes new C44 types (40 x 40 mm) with IP68/IP69K protection. With two operating modes and a selectable “Automatic” mode, their user-friendly design helps reduce programming costs, simplify debugging and support predictive maintenance. When used in SIO mode, 2 outputs are available for configuration onto various signal sources. Transponder history, alarm flags, password protection and a Scan UID function are also available.

The Contrinex Weld-Immune range of inductive sensors now includes ceramic-coated types. Alongside excellent immunity to magnetic fields from welding equipment and mechanical shock resistance, the new sensors also feature a robust weld spatter-resistant coating. This coating increases sensor longevity, eases cleaning and helps reduce machine downtime. The new sensors will be available in early 2020.

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