Control board provides long-range mission management for Autosub -

Control board provides long-range mission management for Autosub


At Embedded Live electronics design and software consultancy, ByteSnap Design (Birmingham, UK), put on display the control board for the Autosub Long Range, an autonomous underwater vehicle which can dive to 6,000 meters.  

The mission control board was developed for the Southampton-based National Oceanography Centre's Autosub Long Range. Working with Direct Insight, ByteSnap Design developed the mission management board, which hosts a TRITON-270 single board computer and supports six NOCS developed control module circuit cards.  The board is based on the Triton Starterkit 3 development system for Direct Insight's Triton-270 single board computer (PXA270). 

The mission control board enables the Autosub Long Range to make long-duration dives (up to six months) to 6,000 meters on a minimal amount of power for missions including the measurement and identification of water temperature, currents, breaking waves and hydrothermal vents.
The National Oceanography Centre had a challenging target for reducing power consumption from 150 watts to 1 watt, and ByteSnap Design's work played an important role in achieving that target.

The National Oceanography Centre, Southampton is the integrated collaboration between the Southampton-based part of the Natural Environment Research Council's National Oceanography Centre and the University of Southampton's School of Ocean and Earth Science, both based the jointly-owned and shared facilities at the Waterfront Campus on the city's Empress Dock.

The University of Southampton is a hosting partner of the National Oceanography Centre, which is a new, national research organization created on 1st April 2010, delivering integrated marine science and technology from the coast to the deep ocean, working in partnership with the UK marine research community.

A video description of the board can be seen here .

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