Controller does both JTAG and functional emulation testing -

Controller does both JTAG and functional emulation testing

ASSET InterTech Inc. has a new test controller board it claims is thefirst boundary-scan controller capable of applying both JTAG andfunctional microprocessor emulation tests on the same circuit board.

Its new PCI-based ScanWorks PCI-200EJ controller supports boundary-scantest and onboard programming operations as well as microprocessor emulation and functionaltesting.

Alan Sguigna, vice president of sales and marketing for ASSET saidthe board was developed in collaboration with International Test Technologies(ITT) of Ireland and was designed to increase test coverage bysupporting ScanWorks'JTAGoperations and the functional testing capabilities of ITT'sµMaster emulation testers.

The ScanWorks PCI-200EJ controller also streamlines the entire testapplication process by combining both types of tests on one platform.By sharing the same user interface and the same physical connector tothe unit under test (UUT), the ScanWorks PCI-200EJ controller speedsthe entire test process.

For example, a failure of a functional test can be quickly diagnosedby applying a boundary-scan test to pinpoint any structural faults.

Initially, the PCI-200EJ will support all of the ScanWorksboundary-scan operations and emulation testing on PowerPCmicroprocessors. Sguigna said support in the future is planned forIntel Pentium and XScale processors as well.

Asset Intertech, Inc.
Richardson, Texas

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