Controller IP supports leading memory card interfaces -

Controller IP supports leading memory card interfaces


San Jose, Calif.—Compliant with the latest SD Memory v3.0 and Multimedia Card eMMC 4.4 specifications, Arasan Chip Systems' latest controller IP supports transfers up to 104-Mbyte/s and incorporates all standard security features.

The IP supports SD 3.0, which specifies cards with a maximum capacity of up to 2TB and bandwidth that scales up to 104MBps (UHS-I). This increase in capacity and bandwidth will enable consumers to store, download and share higher resolution multi-media content using the Secure Digital (SD) card form-factor.

Arasan's IP also supports eMMC 4.4, which incorporates new security features such as replay protected memory block, programmable card memory partitions as well as the traditional password, application based security and secure data erase. Memory card designers can use Arasan's card controller IP to leverage the advances in NAND Flash technology to bring high performance cards to market. These cards enable users to enjoy hours of cutting edge HD multi-media content on devices such as mobile phones, camcorders and portable media players.

Arasan's controller IP can also be used to securely store boot code, which simplifies system design while securing the boot code from corruption. It has built-in hardware support for multiple data protection schemes such as mechanical switch-based, password, temporary or permanent write protection. The IP natively supports all SD 3.0 / eMMC 4.4 commands. It also incorporates CRC checking to validate transactions on the memory card bus.

Arasan Chip Systems Inc.,

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