Controller supports wired and wireless USB connectivity -

Controller supports wired and wireless USB connectivity


Mountain View, Calif.— LucidPort Technology has developed what it claims is the only Certified Wireless USB peripheral controller to fully support both wired and wireless USB.

For more on Certified Wireless USB, the wireless extension to USB that combines the speed and security of wired technology with the ease-of-use of wireless technology, go to

The L800 chip harnesses WiMedia UWB technology to interoperate with other UWB and Certified Wireless USB products at transfer speeds reaching 480-Mbits/s. It supports compliant packet sizes, burst sizes, transfer sizes, and number of endpoints. The L800 manages the protocol requirements of many USB class devices, wired and wireless. It has specialized logic for encryption, as well as cable and numeric association.

Applications include printers, scanners, digital camcorders, external hard disks, and other peripherals.

“Wireless USB peripherals still need a way to connect using wired USB,” said Reid Augustin, VP, Product Development at LucidPort. “Retro-fitting the new wireless features required on the wired USB port is not trivial.”

The L800 eases this transition by using the same API (Application Programming Interface) to implement both the wired and wireless USB interfaces.

LucidPort provides a Reference Design Kit (RDK), which includes a PCI adapter board with the L800 and a UWB PHY module. The boards convert a PC into a USB Peripheral with a rich development environment.

Included sample drivers and peripheral side firmware can be used to configure the L800 as a standard USB-class device, like a hard disk or video camera. Custom peripherals can be crafted with LucidPort's APIs. These APIs abstract USB operations to reads and writes.

Pricing: $4.98 for 400,000 quantities.
Availability: The L800 samples in April 2007 in a lead free 108-ball BGA package.

LucidPort Technology Inc., 1-650-968-6800,

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