Controller takes the measure of industrial automation apps -

Controller takes the measure of industrial automation apps


Targeting a segment of the industrial automation market that it thinks is ill-served, Teridian Semiconductor this week (10/16/06) introduced its 71M8100 Measurement Controller.

It is specifically designed for industrial applications including process instrumentation, temperature and pressure sensors, weigh scale, medical instrumentation, data acquisition and programmable logic controller (PLC) applications.

Steve McClure, vice president of marketing, Teridian Semiconductor, the 71M8100 is a low-cost, mixed-signal SOC with a high-precision 22-bit sigma-delta ADC complemented by a single cycle execution 8051 compatible MCU and an independent 32-bit Compute Engine (CE) to perform various filtering, measurement and compensation functions depending on the target application. Data storage options include external EEPROM, on-chip FLASH, or RAM with battery backup support.

McClure said the 71M8100's unique architecture makes it possible for embedded system developers to make the choice of direct connect, or select from a range of low-cost to high-performance commercial front-end amplifiers to meet specific accuracy requirements at various cost points.

To provide the design flexibility the industrial automation market requires, he said, the measurement controller incorporates 3 analog inputs, 2 UART ports, I2C serial control, 5V LCD charge pump, up to 12 DIO pins, an in-system programmable FLASH, real time clock (RTC), 64KB FLASH, internal 128 segment LCD driver, and a high precision voltage reference to enable high accuracy and low cost solutions in a highly integrated 64-pin LQFP package.

Teridian's 71M8100 Measurement Controller is currently available in production volumes, and pricing starts at $3.95 in 25,000 unit quantities. Data sheets, 71M8100 evaluation kits, and a weigh scale reference design are also available now.

Teridian Semiconductor
Irvine, Ca.

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