Controllers deliver higher processor speed, improved Ethernet throughput -

Controllers deliver higher processor speed, improved Ethernet throughput

Austin, Tex. — National Instruments has released three Compact FieldPoint controllers that deliver increased performance, higher processor speed and significantly improved Ethernet throughput. The NI cFP-2220, cFP-2210 and cFP-2200 controllers include a 400-MHz PowerPC processor and Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) for greater processing power and faster data analysis.

Engineers can create standalone embedded systems with these new controllers by using LabVIEW Real-Time to deploy custom applications for data logging and monitoring, real-time analysis and advanced intelligent control.

The cFP-2200 features up to 128 MB of SDRAM and onboard storage, and the cFP-2210 delivers up to 256 MB of SDRAM and up to 128 MB of onboard storage. The cFP-2220 offers dual Ethernet ports for connectivity to enterprise and dedicated I/O networks, as well as three RS232 ports and one RS485 port for serial devices.

For logging and transferring data on external memory, the controller includes an additional USB port and a removable CompactFlash slot. The cFP-2220 also provides two times the amount of onboard storage and SDRAM, up to 256 MB, for storing more data on the controller itself. The cFP-22×0 controllers are the first release of fully RoHS-compliant products for the Compact FieldPoint product line.

The new controllers also feature a 10 times increase in Ethernet throughput for greater data transfer rates, and they include Reliance file system support to protect data integrity.

Pricing: cFP-2200: from $1,349; NI cFP-2210: from $1,799; NI cFP-2220: from$2,199
Product information: cFP-22×0 controllers and programmable automation controllers

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