Conversion tool translates x86 assembly language to C -

Conversion tool translates x86 assembly language to C


Software conversion tool Relogix/86 from MicroAPL Ltd takes 80×86-family assembler source files and automatically re-codes them in readable, maintainable C. The new product follows the launch last year of Relogix/68K, which performs a similar conversion for 680×0 and ColdFire assembler code.

According to the company, Relogix produces natural, maintainable, commented C source files that compare to those a skilled human programmer might produce if asked to re-write an assembler source file in C. As well as reorganizing the program flow to use standard C flow-control constructs such as if , for , and case statements, Relogix also chooses data types and names for the C variables that correspond to register- and stack-based data in the original assembler program. The C code output by Relogix follows user-specified style guidelines, and is commented, even where the code flow has been substantially altered during the conversion.

Relogix/86 is designed to translate 32-bit x86 or Intel IA32 assembler code written for the flat memory model, and is aimed at both desktop and embedded applications. It can be used either to port code to a new architecture or to render software more maintainable by engineers who may not be familiar with the original assembly language.

A version to handle 16-bit segmented code is planned for release later this year. Richard Nabavi, Managing Director of MicroAPL, says that Relogix/86 “is part of a planned rollout of Relogix assembler-to-C translators. Over the coming months we will be announcing further products for migrating assembler code from other major architectures, including some 8- and 16-bit CPUs.”

Relogix is sold both as a standalone tool and as a cost-effective porting service over the internet. MicroAPL also offers traditional consultancy services based on the Relogix technology. Examples of the translations Relogix produces can be found on the MicroAPL web site.

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