Cooperation brings JTAG into TSVP platform -

Cooperation brings JTAG into TSVP platform

PRODUCTRONICA, Munich – Goepel has worked with Rohde & Schwarz to develop an extended boundary scan option for the R&S TSVP (Test System Versatile Platform).

The solution is based on PXI components, involving the peripheral signal of the unit under test (UUT).

The R&S TSVP allows the execution of in-circuit tests and functional tests. As well as a Scanflex PXI JTAG controller, the integrated boundary scan option contains digital I/O modules PXI 5296 and PXI 52192 with 96 and 192 channels, respectively.

These digital test channels are linked with the Virtual ScanPin technology, so that the contacted test point acts as additional, virtual boundary scan cell during the test process. Detection of certain faults is possible only by the interaction of both methods.

The fully automatic boundary scan test generation is implemented based on CAD data and R&S TSVP specific data for the description of test points and their wiring. The integrated fault report displays faults of both the in-circuit and boundary scan tests in the output window of the R&S TSVP.

The option allows the configuration of PLD/FPGA components, loading of flash components and programming of microcontrollers.

Goepel electronic’s JTAG/Boundary Scan software and program package SYSTEM CASCON supports the system integration and via the CASCON application programming interface the entire function library can easily be integrated in the R&S TSVP.

Goepel provides an integration package at various levels, differing in hardware performance and software options. Each integration package contains a Scanflex controller SFX/PXI1149/C4-FXT with differential signal transfer and TIC-02/SR modules to be built into the test fixture. The Scanflex platform enables an optimized signal quality for test frequencies up to 80 MHz. Furthermore, extended integration packages also contain Goepel electronic’s PXI digital I/O modules.

Part of each package is the CASCON-for-R&S TSVP installation. This is a kit consisting of software, demonstration reference board and a one-year maintenance contract for both software and hardware.

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