Cooperation extends HW/SW solution -

Cooperation extends HW/SW solution


NUREMBERG, Germany — SYSGO AG and MEN Mikro Elektronik have expanded their collaboration, which provides a hardware and software solution. SYSGO provides the Linux support through its Custom Port Support Programme and MEN provides the hardware support.

A number of MEN boards have already been integrated into the Embedded Linux distribution ElinOS by SYSGO and it is now also supporting the EM04 and EM04N Embedded System Modules (ESM) in the ELinOS Version 3.0.

EM04 and EM04N are ESMs based on the PowerPC MPC8245, with clock speeds up to 400MHz. They are designed in particular for cost-sensitive, harsh industrial environments and typical applications, already using ELinOS in many cases, are human-machine interfaces, embedded terminals and embedded Linux PCs.

Both ESMs have a SO-DIMM slot for 512 MB DRAM and a CompactFlash slot for application software. Front-panel connections are available for two RS232 and two Fast Ethernet channels. They use of FPGAs to integrate application specific input/output functions such as TFT and touch controllers, one or more CAN controllers and various serial interfaces. The EM04 is configured with a 100,000 gate FPGA, the EM04N comes with the 250,000 gate Cyclone FPGA from Altera.

ELinOS v3.0 now extends both the development of hardware related system software and application development with the Eclipse based development environment CODEO.

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