Core expands Actel's spaceflight solutions -

Core expands Actel’s spaceflight solutions


The CoreFFT v4.0 intellectual property (IP) core provides Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) capabilities to DSP solutions in high reliability, radiation-tolerant spaceflight applications.

Actel's recently qualified RTAX-DSP FPGAs  integrate radiation-tolerant math blocks with the spaceflight-proven industry-standard RTAX-S FPGA architecture.

CoreFFT v4.0 uses these on-chip resources to deliver a flexible, fully configurable radix-2 decimation-in-time (DIT) burst I/O FFT for high reliability, radiation-tolerant applications.

CoreFFT v4.0 implements the Cooley-Tukey algorithm for computing discrete Fourier transforms, delivering a hardware accelerated flexible, area efficient and fully configurable radix-2 DIT burst I/O FFT. CoreFFT not only utilizes both radiation-tolerant FPGA and mathblock fabric resources, but also delivers an increased upper data width limit to reduce quantization noise.

It has a parameterizable DirectCore RTL generator optimized for the RTAX-DSP family with forward and inverse complex FFTs which can transform sizes from 32 to 8,192 points and has 8 to 32 bits input/output real and imaginary data and twiddle coefficients.

It provides two's complementary I/O data and bit-reversed or natural output order with selection of unconditional or conditional block floating point scaling. It has embedded RAM-block-based twiddle look up table and built-in memory buffers with optional extensive or minimal memory buffering configurations.

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