CoreDuo-Based 6U VME SBC heading for defense/aero apps -

CoreDuo-Based 6U VME SBC heading for defense/aero apps

Scarcely has Intel's Core Duo processor begun to move into desktopsand servers in a big way, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computinghas just introduced a 6U VME single board computer based on the CoreDuorunning at speeds of 1.67 and 2.0 GHz.

The SVME/DMV-1901 is available in both air and conduction-cooledruggedizedconfigurations and can be configured with either a dual-core Intel CoreDuoprocessor or a single-core Intel Core Solo processor.

Lynn Patterson, vice president and general manager ofCurtiss-Wright'sModular Solutions group, said the the SVME/DMV-1901 is configured witha wide array of I/O in addition to its two PMC/XMC expansion sites.Air-cooled front panel I/O includes onboard video graphics and SCSIinterfaces.

It includes 2 Mbytes L2 Advanced Transfer Cache; up to 4 GigabytesECC DDR2 SDRAM; up to 4 Gigabytes USB User FLASH; an ATI Radeon X300Graphics onboard w/ 4-lane PCI Express, Dual Display; the E7520 MemoryController Hub (MCH), the 6300ESB I/O Controller Hub (ICH); and a VME64x Universe II bus interface.

Featuring Trusted Platform Module support the SBC incorporates twoPMC (64-bit)/XMC (8xPCIe) mezzanine expansion sites, as well as twoGigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet Ports, two Video Graphics Ports,RGB-DVI; three USB 2.0 Ports. Other ports included include RS-232;RS-422 GPIO ; and SCSCI.

The SVME/DMV-1901 is offered in a wide range of ruggedization levelsincluding L0, L50 and L100 air-cooled and L100 and L200conduction-cooledconfigurations.

Scheduled to be available early next year, volume pricing for theair-cooled SVME-1901 is expected to start under $4700.

Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina,
(613) 254-5112

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