Corelis expands with European subsidiary -

Corelis expands with European subsidiary

LONDON — JTAG boundary-scan test and measurement tools developer, Corelis Inc., has set up its first European operation. Based in Munich, Corelis Europe, is headed by Andreas Bayer and will directly handle all business operations in the European market.

Bayer has run A.R. Bayer DSP Systeme GmbH for the past 15 years concentrating on custom DSP and FPGA design services for the telecom, industrial, and medical industries.

In addition to handling the existing European distribution channels already established by Corelis, Bayer will be responsible for setting up local sales, marketing, and customer service departments within the new organization. Corelis Europe will provide full capabilities to handle all existing products and services.

“The establishment of Corelis Europe allows us to provide our European audience with the highest level of local support and responsiveness,” said George La Fever, President and CEO of Corelis. “Corelis Europe will be able to duplicate the customer oriented philosophies that Corelis is well known for in the states.”

Information on Corelis Europe is accessible online.

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