Corelis introduces ScanExpress v 9.4 boundary-scan software suite -

Corelis introduces ScanExpress v 9.4 boundary-scan software suite

Corelis announced version 9.4 of its ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Suite of Software is now available. ScanExpress Runner now includes an asynchronous API for integration with third party applications. The asynchronous execution functions allow applications to integrate ScanExpress Runner functionality without having to wait for execution to finish—applications can now begin execution and then poll to determine current status or abort the current execution.

ScanExpress Runner now includes full test plan and test step path information in the test log file for improved traceability. Additionally, flash manufacturer and device ID information will now be included in diagnostics and test logs when Manufacturer ID and Device ID tests pass. Finally, we’ve improved JAM/STAPL diagnostics to include additional checksum data when available.

ScanExpress Runner Gang can now utilize USB-1149.1/4E and QuadTAP/CFM hardware for concurrent test execution. Gang (concurrent) tests on up to 4 TAPs can now be run on the benchtop with USB-1149.1/4E hardware or integrated into Teradyne testers with the QuadTAP/CFM and expander cards.

ScanExpress JET now supports Marvell OCTEON III CN7200 Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors and Texas Instruments TMS320C6748 DSP Processors. Each new processor support package includes base RAM and NOR flash tests and programming support. Please contact Corelis Sales for pricing and availability. Additionally, Ethernet loopback tests are now included for NXP i.MX6 Applications Processors.

Existing Corelis customers with a valid maintenance contract can now access the new software through the Corelis support website. Corelis offers free training to all clients so that they may utilize the various new product features and innovations now available.

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