Corelis releases ScanExpress Version 7.7 -

Corelis releases ScanExpress Version 7.7

Corelis, Inc., has launched version 7.7 of its ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite. This new version covers a wide range of new features and enhancements including improved constraints handling, support for multi-core devices, and new JTAG Embedded Test support for additional Freescale andTexas Instruments processors.

Software improvements include:

  • Separate global and local constraint entry within the ScanExpress TPGpreparation GUI
  • Inverted transparency model support along with a new constraint to identify inverted nets
  • Ability to associate multiple BSDL files to a single JTAG device
  • FlexNet network licensing for ScanExpress JET
  • NAND Flash bad block management support in ScanExpress JET
  • JET support for Freescale i.MX35 and Texas Instruments AM18x processors
  • MSP430F5xxx programming support
  • Optimization of STAPL file execution for improved throughput

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Current Corelis customers with a valid maintenance contract can now access the new version 7.7 CD through the Corelis support website. To inquire about a maintenance package or to obtain a full list of improvements, contact the Corelis sales team at (562) 926-6727 or email.

Corelis offers free training to all clients so that they may immediately utilize the various new product features and innovations. Class schedules and registration information are available here .

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