CoSy compiler development system optimizes for extreme architectures -

CoSy compiler development system optimizes for extreme architectures

The 2013 Spring Edition of the CoSy compiler development system from ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv has integral support for complex architecture features, allowing compiler developers to build, optimize and tune compilers for compute-intensive application domains and extreme architectures. In this 2013 Spring edition, extended and new features like the Target Interface Mechanism and Code Generator Feedback provide for an integral system to create compilers that reach the best possible tradeoffs in performance and application portability for existing and emerging application specific processors. Using the new Target Interface Mechanism in CoSy, compiler developers can now steer the compiler optimizations to take full advantage of architecture specific features, while abstracting these from existing and validated compiler algorithms.

One of CoSy’s unique compiler features, its modular design and flexibility, has allowed the support for feedback mechanisms in a compiler to steer the compilation for optimal results. The Code Generator Feedback feature in this 2013 Spring Edition provides information from the architecture specific Code Generator to do better decision making in high level optimizations and transformations, resulting in better optimization strategies. CoSy’s flexible and adaptive type description enables the support for unconventional data types, which are typical for application specific architectures, with parameterizable data size, alignment, etc. in a consistent way and with C level programming support for application developers.

Further tuning of compilers can be reached using 100+ compiler engine options, the 20+ new compiler engines and 100+ improvements from customer and partner feedback. All new components and improvements are robust and in product shape as a result of the thorough testing and validation infrastructure used.

Overall performance for 100+ industry-standard benchmarks show a 15% out of the box improvement for commodity architectures since the last major CoSy release. Billions of devices have already been shipped containing CoSy supported application specific processors, which typically have factors better performance/power profiles than regular processors.

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