CoSy Express speeds compiler generation -

CoSy Express speeds compiler generation


Amsterdam — Associated Compiler Experts (ACE) is introducing the CoSy Express technology, in an attempt to provide the missing compiler-generation link in the tool design flow. It will become available for OEM licensing in the course of 2004 and will only be made available through OEM License agreements

The CoSy compiler development system has gained a reputation as a robust, flexible and independent compiler development platform which reduces development time for a quality/performance compiler from years to months. CoSy Express expands this by providing an efficient and effective means to generating compilers for the broad range of processor architectures.

Each instantiated CoSy Express is a full and complete compiler generator, capable of generating optimized and robust compilers for new architectures in reduced time possible. When integrated with an ISS generator for example, it allows full application simulation while adding the compiler dimension to architecture exploration. This can be accomplished while making adaptations to the architecture.

Vendors of configurable processor architectures can integrate CoSy Express technology in their compiler tools and thus provide their customers with optimizing compilers that truly match and deploy the specific features of the hardware.

Developers, who need to equip their CoSy Express compiler with market specific features, can migrate to CoSy.

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