Could H.265 HEVC remake Internet video? -

Could H.265 HEVC remake Internet video?

If the many patent holders around the next big video codec don’t get too greedy we might see some really cool Internet video products in the next few years.

Amazon, Apple, Google or Netflix could reshape the market for high def movies and TV shows over the Internet by adopting the newly minted HEVC codec.

The high efficiency video coding standard, also known as H.265, promises to cut in half the size of an HD movie file or reduce the bandwidth needed to stream it. Imagine what that might mean to a future Apple iTV.

Andrew G. Setos is already thinking about it. The veteran audio-visual engineer and Apple fan said Apple is one of the companies who could make a market with the help of HEVC.

“HEVC needs a patron, a big benefactor,” Setos told me in his Pacific Palisades office. “I would hazard a guess it could be something like iTunes, Amazon or other Internet distributors.”

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