Coverity offers free code test for open source, Java apps -

Coverity offers free code test for open source, Java apps


Code analysis tool vendor Coverity, Inc.,  is expanding free access to its development testing service within the open source community with the launch of its Scan for Java tool.

According to Jennifer Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer for the company, its Coverity Scan is the largest public-private sector research project focused on open source software quality and security, originally initiated between Coverity and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2006.

She said the company has worked with some of the most widely adopted C/C++ open source projects including Linux, Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL, providing its development testing platform as a free service to help the open source development community find and fix critical quality and security defects in software code.

“As the proliferation of open source software continues at a rapid rate, it’s critical that projects build quality and security testing into the development process as early as possible,” said Johnson.

“We have worked with the leading open source projects in the C/C++ community to help them find and fix issues in their software. By extending Coverity Scan to now include Java projects, we will be able to help drive even higher levels of software quality and security throughout the open source community.”

She said that in addition to joining the Eclipse Foundation, it has created a Coverity Scan Hudson plugin for that open source IDE that integrates with projects hosted by the Eclipse Foundation.

Eclipse is an open source community that is focused on creating an open, extensible software platform for building, deploying and managing the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

“This will make the Coverity Scan service, which is based on the company’s static analysis technology, available for use by all open source projects hosted at the Eclipse Foundation,” she said. “This new workflow integration will enable projects to easily access the Coverity Scan service to build development testing into their existing development workflow.”

Johnson said the company will lend its expertise in development testing to a variety of Eclipse initiatives, helping ensure that its members maintain high-quality and secure software.

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