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Miro Samek, “Building bare-metal ARM systems with GNU” (June 2007, Embedded.com). This code is the C++ version of the Blinky code mentioned in the 10-part series from Embedded.com called “Building bare-metal ARM systems with GNU”To read Part 1, go to What's need to get started.
To read Part 2, go to Startup code and the low level initialization
To read Part 3, go to  The Linker Script.
To read Part 4, go to  C and C++ compiler options
To read Part 5, go to  Fine-tuning the application
To read Part 6, go to  General description of interrupt handling
To read Part 7, go to  Interrupt locking and unlocking
To read Part 8, go to Low-level interrupt wrapper functions.
To read Part 9 go to C-level ISRs and other ARM exceptions
To read Part 10 go to Test strategies

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