Critical role of online sources for electronics OEMs -

Critical role of online sources for electronics OEMs

In addition to measuring the reputation of franchised electronics distributors, UBM's 2016 Global Distributor Customer Evaluation Study gathered the thoughts of industry leaders about how they are using online resources to collect design information, identify suppliers, and more.

Released at the EDS tradeshow, the study showed what you might expect: that online sources are becoming a critical component to the way that supply chain professionals, engineers, designers and corporate management at electronics OEMs find the data they need.

Previously, we took a close look at what customers think about their distributors. Now, we'll share what these electronics industry professionals say about the online resources they like best. Click the image below to view an EBN slideshow reviewing the results of the study.  A full copy of the study can be found here.

Originally published on Embedded's sister site, EDN: “Online sources are becoming critical for electronics OEMs.”

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