Crossware updates development environment -

Crossware updates development environment

Embedded software tools developer Crossware Products, has released version 4.0 of its Embedded Development Studio, a Windows development environment that supports all of the company's microprocessor and microcontroller development tools.

The Embedded Development Studio Version 4.0 has added support for multiple projects. Programmers can load multiple projects into the environment and switch between them or build them with a single command. Version 4.0 also allows source level browsing information to be combined across all projects loaded into the environment. Another feature in the release is the ability to record and playback keystrokes and commands. A “repeat” feature is also available for the replay process and so the sequence can be replayed multiple times with a single command.

Crossware's Embedded Development Studio provides wizards and property pages to help with the set-up process. It features a multi-threaded interface to multiple tool chains, an integrated text editor, terminal emulators, a source code browser, and a configuration system to manage start-up files and target specific options.

No information is available on price and delivery.

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