Crypto chip simplifies AWS IoT security -

Crypto chip simplifies AWS IoT security

Jointly developed with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Microchip AWS Zero Touch Secure Provisioning Kit helps designers develop IoT devices that comply with new AWS security regulations. These regulations state that a device must use mutual authentication with a remote server to be authorized on the AWS cloud.

The AT88CKECC-AWS-XSTK kit leverages the ECC508 secure crypto device, which assists with meeting security standards during the prototyping and preproduction phase. Simply solder the tamper-resistant device on the board and connect it over I2 C to the host microcontroller. The ECC508 is preconfigured to be automatically recognized by the AWS IoT service. It also has a low-power processor-agnostic cryptographic accelerator for compatibility with a wide range of resource-constrained IoT devices.

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