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CSEM presents vision sensor for automotive applications


PARIS – The Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM SA) has unveiled a miniature vision sensor system for multiple automotive applications.

The CSEM claimed its system, dubbed ViSe, enables monitoring and recognition of video data in real time, in changing light conditions. Beside, it allows original equipment manufacturers to develop application-specific image recognition and response systems for lane departure warning systems (LDWS), rear view monitoring, object detection, parking assistance and seat occupancy, the R&D center further explained.

“The automotive market requires fast, reliable and affordable vision technology that can be applied for multiple driver safety uses,” commented Dr. Christian Enz, vice president of the Microelectronics Group at CSEM, in a statement. “With its real time operation, its ability to deal with changing light conditions, and its cost effective components, this technology can easily be deployed beyond just the luxury car market to make all vehicles safer.”

The ViSe camera encompasses a vision sensor and a digital signal processing chip that runs identification algorithms, the CSEM noted. The system speeds throughput of visual data by enabling the vision sensor chip itself to extract key contrast features required for interpretation.

Another feature highlighted by the CSEM is the ViSe contrast extraction approach that aims to eliminate sensitivity to light environment change, ensuring better safety and security.

The CSEM said a ViSe evaluation kit is available now, and the technology can be licensed for transfer. No details were given on licensing fees.

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