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CSR Bluetooth ICs win slots in iPod-compatible headphones

LONDON — BlueCore silicon is being used in iPod compatible stereo headphones from three companies: iTech, WiGear and Airlogic. Three other tier-one cellular OEMs, are already using BlueCore for stereo headsets designed for use with mobile phones. \

The digital signal processing (DSP) architecture built into the CSR (Cambridge, U.K.) BlueCore technology provides the only Bluetooth silicon with native support for MP3 which can double battery life.

The DSP is optimised to run audio CODECs including the basic SBC (Sub Band CODEC) as well as having the processor throughput to support MP3, AAC and other proprietary CODECs, with power consumption figures low enough for battery powered applications.

Bluetooth headsets designed using CSR's BlueCore can wirelessly connect to a Bluetooth mobile phone and a music player simultaneously. When the user receives a phone call the device will automatically mute the sound and connect to the mobile phone. At the end of the call the original music connection will resume automatically.

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