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CSR drives Vibe to home nets with Sonata


Looking to provide home entertainment system designers a low cost way to deploy high quality audio across most proposed home networking topologies, CSR plc has just introduced two complementary system-level DLNA platforms. They are powered using the company’s new Sonata SoC which is designed around a high-performance ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and Neon media accelerator.

According to Anthony Murray, Business Group SVP at CSR, the two platforms – VibeHub and VibePlayer – are designed to allow developers to bring home audio networking systems to market quickly with DLNA certified Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart connectivity.

The platforms are powered by the company’s Sonata networked media processor which make it possible for them to work together to achieve high-quality, synchronised multi-room audio anywhere around the home, indoors and out, from local and cloud-based sources over an existing home Wi-Fi network.

The VibePlayer platform is a simple two-chip solution for building low-cost, portable, battery-powered wireless speakers and speaker docks that can be used either stand-alone or as part of a network.

The VibeHub platform is used to create fully featured intelligent audio hubs for the home that can simultaneously pull content from digital media servers and Internet radio or other cloud services. In addition, it enables Bluetooth streaming media source devices, and intelligent routing of audio to play on multiple VibeHub- and VibePlayer-based products located anywhere on the home network.

He said the whole system can be controlled using an app on a smartphone, tablet or other smart mobile device. According to Murray, the advancement that consumers will see is the seamless way they can introduce new audio devices into the home and the ease and flexibility with which they can send content to different speaker devices around the home.

The audio will be synchronised and of very high quality, thanks to the aptX codec technology CSR is using. Murray said the new CSR Sonata networked media processor has been developed to support the needs of powerful, feature rich, networked home audio platforms such as the VibeHub platform.

He said its flexible architecture enables playback and forwarding of audio from many sources, including Bluetooth streaming devices, DLNA servers, Internet cloud-based services and USB and line-in inputs.

In addition to handling the distribution of various types of content around the home concurrently, the Sonata processor enables the playback of identical content among multiple rooms.

The Sonata SoC integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stacks together with UPnP® and DLNA middleware to fully meet the processing demands of modern multi-room HD multimedia content distribution. A diverse range of I/O capabilities, HD graphics, touchscreen control and integrated ADCs and DACs round out the Sonata offering.

Volume production of the VibeHub and VibePlayer platforms is expected in mid 2013.

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