Curtiss-Wright adds event analysis to CHAMP-AV8 Continuum Insights multiprocessor tool suite -

Curtiss-Wright adds event analysis to CHAMP-AV8 Continuum Insights multiprocessor tool suite

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) has added new Event Analysis tool to its CHAMP-AV8 Continuum Insights 5.1 suite of GUI-based system monitoring, system management, and multi-processor debug software tools for developers of application software for multiprocessor embedded multicomputer systems. The new tool provides a multi-node extension of Wind River’s System Viewer, enabling it to show events from many processing nodes operating in parallel. Continuum Insights is a suite of software tools that aid software development for multi-processor systems.

The tools provide programmers visibility into the entire system via the collection of critical, periodic, non-intrusive, real-time data. The tool suite collects and displays operating system level events, driver-level events, and user-defined events across multiple processors and cores within a system, all accurately time aligned using a common time-base. Because the event data is collected in real-time, Continuum Insights enables developers to debug and verify critical interactions between tasks among multiple processor and cores.


The tool suite is built using the Wind River WorkBench and Eclipse Development and Application Frameworks, which draw from the open source community for open development platforms and ensures maximum compatibility with integrated development environments. Continuum Insights is supported on Curtiss-Wright's VPX-based SBCs, DSP and FPGA engines including the CHAMP-AV8, CHAMP-FX3 and VPX6-6902.

The Continuum Insights System Monitoring tool provides a hierarchical, graphical representation of a multicomputer system. System and health information are updated in real-time providing displays of processing threads, utilization, task allocations, and processor-level and system-level configuration information.

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