Curtiss-Wright Controls adds support for Wind River VxWorks MILS on multicore VPX SBC -

Curtiss-Wright Controls adds support for Wind River VxWorks MILS on multicore VPX SBC


Curtiss-Wright Controls’s high performance, multicore processor-based VPX6-187 single board computer (SBC) now supports Wind River VxWorks MILS Platform, Multicore Edition. The MILS (Multiple Independent Levels of Security) infrastructure enables cost-effective development of MLS (Multilevel Secure) and CDS (Cross Domain Solutions) systems that can process classified data at multiple levels or from multiple domains simultaneously, including downgraders, filters, guards, and other cross-domain applications.

The new board support package (BSP), developed and available from Wind River for use with Curtiss-Wright Controls’s VPX architecture-based VPX6-187, can ease and speed the integration of MILS into deployed, rugged, multi-core systems, providing increased secure processing capabilities in applications with size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints.

The VPX6-187 is Curtiss-Wright’s first single board computer based on Freescale's eight-core QorIQ P4080 Communications Processor. This rugged, high performance 6U VPX general purpose SBC supports the eight Power Architecture processor cores (up to 1.5 GHz each) with high-performance datapath acceleration logic, network and peripheral bus interfaces. The VPX6-187 is designed to leverage the flexibility, security enhancements and rich feature set of the QorIQ P4080 processor to provide a trusted computing environment, including support for trusted and secure boot and encryption/decryption (SEC 4.0) in harsh military and aerospace applications.

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