Curtiss-Wright Controls Mission Computer combines legacy VME and VPX with hybrid backplane -

Curtiss-Wright Controls Mission Computer combines legacy VME and VPX with hybrid backplane


Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) claims that the MPMC-9H5x Multi-Platform Mission Computer is the industry’s first rugged subsystem to realize the promise of hybrid VME and VPX backplane support defined by the VPX (VITA 46/48) open standard. The MPMC-9H5x is a 3U high 1/2 ATR, flexibly-configured, rugged system that supports a mix of 3U and 6U VPX and 6U VME form factor modules with a standard backplane configuration.

This system is designed to enable customers to easily transition from custom legacy VME and I/O configurations to take full advantage of today’s state-of-the-art VPX-based processing and networking without having to redesign or replace their existing VME and I/O hardware. Supporting the full range of military ruggedization levels, the MPMC-9H5x is ideal for ground and airborne platforms that require a SWaP-optimized open architecture mission computer that supports flexible I/O and interface requirements.

The MPMC-9H5x’s hybrid backplane provides support for one (1) 6U VME, two (2) 6U VPX and two (2) 3U VPX cards.

Packaged in an a compact 3U/ ½ ATR form factor and equipped with reliable Power Architecture processing, the MPMC-9H5x delivers all the features required of modern mission computers in SWaP-constrained applications. Optimal system cooling is ensured via thermal transfer between the conduction cooled VME and/or VPX cards module card edges and the side walls of the system enclosure. EMI filters and gaskets provide system security and increased reliability. Designed to meet the harsh environments typical of military and aerospace computing applications, the MPMC-9H5x’s power supply and backplane feature nuclear circumvention circuits to meet gamma and neutron fluence events without damage.

Production Units are now shipping.

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