Curtiss-Wright delivers radar acquisition and display capability -

Curtiss-Wright delivers radar acquisition and display capability


Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) has unveiled the SoftScan/1905, an integrated embedded radar acquisition and scan conversion system.

SoftScan/1905 combines CWCDS’ SoftScan radar scan conversion software and a rugged, high performance COTS 6U VME single board computer (SBC).

Also, SoftScan/1905 hardware includes a 6U VME CWCDS SVME-1905 SBC and an XMC-710 graphics controller mezzanine card. The system’s display controller supports dual-head graphics output on DVI-I single-link (dual-head output) or dual-link (single-head output), with resolutions up to 1600×1200 (single link) or 2560×1600 / 2048×2048 (dual-link, single head).

•    Radar scan conversion in 6U VME embedded form factor
•    Uses Curtiss-Wright's SVME-1905 SBC and XMC-710 graphics controller
•    Dual-head high resolution graphics output
•    Very high scan conversion performance
•    PPI, A-scan and B-scan windows supported
•    Allows loading of customer application code with comprehensive API
•    Optional SoftScan/RDS application software supports turnkey radar display console
•    Optional dual-channel high bandwidth radar acquisition capability
•    Available in L0, L50, L100 and L200 ruggedization levels (only L0 and L50 if radar acquisition included)

Applications would include multi-function radar consoles for naval vessels, airborne surveillance, aircraft ground movement, air traffic control and coastal vessel tracking systems.

The list price is $17,730 for standard configuration. 

SoftScan is now available on both PC-based and embedded platforms.

To view a SoftScan demonstration , click here .

To access the fact sheet , click here .


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