Curtiss-Wright exec works on U.K. networked armored vehicles -

Curtiss-Wright exec works on U.K. networked armored vehicles


LONDON — Grant Bechthold, Technical Business Development Manager at Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, who is based in Ottawa, Canada, has been selected to provide electronics architecture expertise for the U.K.’s Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) Rainbow Team. He participate in the FRES program’s Vetronics Rainbow Team.

The FRES program is designed to enhance the deployability of U.K. Land Forces by delivering a family of medium-weight, network-capable armored vehicles. The program will allow some of the older armoured vehicles to be taken out of service. The FRES Rainbow Teams, comprised of representatives from select vendors, consultants, academia and other defense industry experts are tasked with supporting Atkins, the FRES Systems House throughout the FRES initial Assessment Phase (iAP).

The Rainbow Team’s role will work with the potential FRES supply chain, and ensure that the FRES iAP has access to and consults with 'best in class' experts from industry, academia and other sources. Each FRES Rainbow Team serves as a team of experts for the FRES iAP Systems House to consult as required.

FRES Rainbow Teams have been established to cover physical architecture (general architecture and integration); mobility (including power pack, e-drive and suspension); Vetronics (electronic architecture); command, control and communications (including crew stations); sensors; lethality; survivability; interoperability; commonality and growth; turrets; role specific (including medical, CBRN and engineering roles); and supportability (including safety and training).

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