Curtiss-Wright intro's safety certifiable COTS graphics module -

Curtiss-Wright intro’s safety certifiable COTS graphics module


Curtiss-Wright Corporation 's  Defense Solutions  division has introduced the VPX3-718, a new rugged commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) graphics display and video capture engine that supports DO-254 DAL C and DO-178C DAL C safety certifiability. The VPX3-718  graphics module significantly speeds and reduces the cost of developing critical aviation applications on any platform that requires high performance graphics and video processing. Designed for use in military and civil aviation applications, the VPX3-718, along with the VPX3-150  single board computer (SBC), are the first members of Curtiss Wright’s new family of Safety Certifiable COTS Module solutions. These modules feature the standard DO-254/DO-178 design artifact packages required to support successful certification of the customer’s system.

The VPX3-718 is powered by an AMD Radeon E4690 GPU. It is the first Curtiss-Wright graphics module to support full stream video capture and 1.485 Gbps HD-SDI (SMPTE-292M) output to support the transfer of uncompressed high-definition video. It eases and speeds the integration of dual independent channels of 2D/3D graphics display into deployed airborne systems that require optimal performance, even in the most harsh environments.

The VPX3-150 and the other products in the Safety Certifiable COTS Module family are designed using a development process that results in DO-254 and DO-178  Design Assurance Level (DAL) C certifiable product and supporting artifacts.

The VPX3-718 is supported by CoreAVI’s OpenGL SC 1.0 driver including integrated support for the video I/O of the VPX3-718, all supported under VxWorks 653 v2.4.0.1 AMP and for VxWorks 6.9 SMP.  Contact the factory for OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL 1.3 and H.264 video decode drivers and for other operating system support.

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