Curtiss-Wright ships enhanced rugged 3U mission computer -

Curtiss-Wright ships enhanced rugged 3U mission computer

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions is shipping an enhanced version of its MPMC-9335 Multi-Platform Mission Computer (MPMC), the latest member of Curtiss-Wright’s family of COTS highly rugged, fully integrated and qualified MPMC subsystems. With its latest generation quad-core Intel Corei7 single board computer (SBC) and 240-core NVIDIA Fermi GPGPU, the MPMC-9335 is especially well-suited for compute-intensive applications in defense, aerospace, and law enforcement applications.

The enhanced MPMC-9335 3-slot rugged VPX system now supports an extended operating temperature range, with intermittent operation rated at up to 71°C and continuous operation at 65°C baseplate temperatures. This compact and lightweight small form factor subsystem is ideal for space/weight/power (SWaP)-constrained platforms such as UAVs and ground vehicles.

The MPMC-9335 delivers the latest generation processing power through the combination of its CWCDS 3U VPX VPX3-1256 quad core Intel-based SBC, and 3U VPX VPX3-491 NVIDIA Fermi GPGPU-based compute engine, both of which are contained in a rugged enclosure that measures a compact 250 cubic inches. The MPMC-9335 operates in ambient temperatures up to 71°C using baseplate cooling.

In addition to its VPX3-1256 SBC and VPX3-491 GPGPU engine, the MPMC-9335’s standard configuration includes two (2) MilCAN offload controllers, a free VPX slot for a high capacity/high speed SSD memory module and an integrated heater to support cold-starts below -40°C. The system’s integrated 28 VDC power supply unit supports DEF-STAN 61-5 Part 6, Issue 6.

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