Curtiss-Wright ships next-gen Dual 4GSPS transceiver card for C4ISR apps -

Curtiss-Wright ships next-gen Dual 4GSPS transceiver card for C4ISR apps


Curtiss-Wright Corporation has begun volume production shipment of its VPX3-530  dual channel ADC/DAC engine. The rugged low-latency transceiver module’s 12-bit ADC can be configured with either two  4-GSPS channels or four 2-GSPS channels. In addition the VPX3-530 provides two channels of 14-bit DAC data conversion at up to 5.6 GSPS on a single, SWaP-optimized 3U OpenVPX card. This next generation transceiver card provides a user programmable Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA to couple the ADC and DAC channels, which results in very low latency between inputs and outputs for efficient sense and response performance required by Electronics Warfare (EW) applications.

The VPX3-530 can easily be scaled for multi-board, multi-channel synchronization to form an array of synchronized analog inputs, a critical feature for applications such as SIGINT/Direction Finding (DF) or other applications that require beamforming. Designed for embedded digital receiver applications deployed in harsh defense and aerospace environments, the VPX3-530 is ideal for use in EW, base stations, ground and airborne applications including SIGINT, ELINT, SDR (Software Defined Radio), Radar Warning Receivers, and ECM Radar.

To help system designers to rapidly prototype their rugged high-speed transceiver applications, Curtiss-Wright also offers a low-cost VPX3-530 Quick Start Kit (QSK). The QSK includes an air-cooled desktop system (OF-SMART3 3U OpenVPX Development Chassis) pre-configured with a Curtiss-Wright VPX3-1257  rugged, high performance 2.1 GHz Intel Quad-Core i7 3U OpenVPX single board computer (SBC).

Software support for the VPX3-530 includes Curtiss-Wright’s FusionXF Development Kit , which provides software, HDL and utilities complete with examples for using the VPX3-530. FusionXF includes a C programming language API, driver framework and sophisticated DMA support. One of the core elements to the FusionXF development kit is a framework that speeds and eases the addition of new IP functionality or capabilities to the FPGA. Software utilities are also provided for configuring the FPGA. These include flash programming and configuring the FPGA from one of many indexed images in flash memory. FusionXF supports Wind River VxWorks and Linux Fedora operating environments. Additional operating systems, such as Windows, or other distributions can be considered on request.

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