Customizable MCU kit speeds MCU/FPGA integration -

Customizable MCU kit speeds MCU/FPGA integration

San Jose, Ca. – Atmel has justreleased its AT91CAP7X-STKStarter Kit for evaluating its ARM7-based CAP family of customizableMCUs.

The starter kit, designed to speed migration of ARM7-plus-FPGAdesigns to single chip solutions, features Atmel's ARM7-based AT91CAP7Smicrocontroller, an Altera Cyclone II FPGA. According to Atmel, the ssingle-chip solution delivers 30% lower unit cost, 8x performance, and70% less active power consumption compared to ARM-plus-FPGAconfigurations.

Board peripherals include a 2.8″ TFT LCD panel, joystick, 64M Bytesof SDRAM, 10-bit ADC, 256M Bytes of NAND flash and a 4MB DataFlash.External interfaces include USB full-speed device, four analog inputs,external bus interface (EBI), USART, SPI, and Debug UART. The boardalso supports sensing applications with light and temperature sensorsand potentiometers.

The CAP7 starter kit allows designers to evaluate a custom designwithout incurring any NRE charges or spending thousands of dollars fora full development board. For final development work, Atmel offers theAT91CAP7-DK. The AT91CAP7-DK allows designers to take full advantage ofthe CAP7's multi-layer high-speed bus (AHB) and peripheral DMA.

The AT91CAP7X-STK Starter Kitis now available and is priced at$399.

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